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Organic Hammam

product code : 1154BIO14511452 £29.08

Create a delicious feeling for your skin with our Organic hammam set, which reduce tiredness after stressful day.
Enrich your body with Oriental energy, let your skin feel smooth, healthy and silky.

Set includes:

- Hammam Peeling Blue Glove (Spa Quality) - 1pc;
- Liquid Black Soap with Oriental Amber Fragrance 300ml - 1pc;
- Rassoul Powder with Geranium Fragrance 250g - 1pc;
- Pair of Hammam slippers - 1pc;
- Perfumed Argan oil 50ml - 1pc;
- Perfumed Body Milk 50ml - 1pc;
- Charme d’Orient Carton bag (white or gold) - 1pc.

Made in France

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