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Foaming Bag for Turkish Bath Ceremony

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This foaming Bag is used in "The ceremony of the Turkish bath." It is used to wrap you in a cloud of foam scented delicate and offer a massage.
Dermatologically tested.
Made in France

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The foam massage was developed by Charme d'Orient to create a relaxing atmosphere with a quality product based on argan oil, shea butter and honey.

Pour 15 pumps of foaming gel and 5 pumps of perfumed oil in a bucket filled with lukewarm water.
Plunge the bag in the bucket and shake it.
Take out the bag from the bucket, shake it in the air and then quickly close with one hand.
Then, slip vigorously the other hand along the entire bag over the client so as to drop the foam over his body.
Renew the operation until the body disappears under the cloud of foam.
Massage 10 minutes on each side.
Proceed the same way on the ventral side.
Rinse with water.

87% polyester, 13% viscose.

Volume/Size 70 x 75cm

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